the teens today

January 22, 2009
By jess sims, Roxby Downs, ZZ

the world isnt over,
it isnt at an end,
for there is another smile,
another day around the bend ,
but what is wrong with some of the teens today ?
full of sadness and depression it seem 2 be the way ,
the way of the future ,
as the war has just begun ,
between the government and crime ,
the teens have lost this one !
lost what they once had ,
there inocence and pride,
now they never listen, dont know
what is rong from right,
it isnt what we want to see these children on the street,
begging for some money,
for they have nothing left to eat,
for there life savings they have spent,
on alcohole and cokecane,
these tenages are sencless
and cought up in there pain,
who knows why they cry at nite,
and why they want to run ,
whos fualt is this ?
and now look at the prblem its become.

The author's comments:
hey im jess and i wrote this because there are alot of broblems in todays society and i think that this is just one of them that seriously needs attention because the teens of today are the future ! at the moment for some teenagers the future is very bleek ...

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