The Abandoned House On The Hill

January 22, 2009
Blood is red
And Veins are blue
I hate everything
Even you

Darkness all around
Nothing here to see
But the old abandoned house on the hill

I let you in my house
Waiting for the reaction on your face
When you see
The inside of the abandoned house on the hill

It pains me to see you
In this state of terror
Not knowing what to do
I reached for the knife
To stab away all the memories of this house from your mind
Of the horror that happened
In the abandoned house on the hill

Nothing can describe
The feelings deep inside
Of my abandoned house on the hill

No matter how much red
Nor black
Or blue
Can be used on that printer
To show what happened to you
In that abandoned house on the hill

Sitting here next to you
Blood guts and all
I realized that all I ever wanted
Was for you to be gone
Knowing that you cheated
With the girl that you knew I would go after
But then why did you do it?
And of all places
You had to have her in my abandoned house on the hill

She now paints the walls in red
And you paint that floor blue
Soon I will fill the air with black
In the silent house on the hill

Next day police came
They had a complainant
About screaming in that house
The police thought it was two teens
Making love to loudly in that house
But what they saw in that house
Was not love but hate
In that loveless abandoned house on the hill

Smeared on the walls
Was a love letter in black blood

Blood is red
And Veins are blue
My love is ever from sweet
But more like black as the endless night
Roses might of been red
But now are blue from your veins
And violets might of been blue
But now are red from your lovers arms
But one thing is for sure
Is that my hate was never for you
Or your dammed lover's
But for me
And this cursed never ending hell in your, mine, and your lovers abandoned house on the hill

After that
The black blooded girl
Would wake up every night in myths, legends, and stories
Searching to kill
The loneliness in every girl
That ever got cheated on
And show them the house on that hill
That would give them freedom
To live on without there forsaken boyfriend
In that abandoned house of freedom on the hill

And the guys that ever cheated on these girls
Would face the wrath
Of the black blooded girl
That lives on in all the lonely, heartbroken girl
And the punishment
That awaits them
In that painted abandoned house on the hill

On that exact night
When the black blooded girl died next to her love
And where it would become a graveyard
To all the lonely girls
And all the lustful boys
Still remands that black blooded love letter
Painted fresh with blood
Of those girls
In that abandoned house on the hill

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booksarelife4me said...
Jun. 22, 2009 at 8:11 pm
This really grabbed my attention. You had a way of making me want to keep reading it all the way through. good job!
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