Unwanted Memories

January 22, 2009
After this long,
before I leave,
can I just give you one last thing? As I'm dreaming us back into existence, I'm watching
ever so carefully with no pause, rewind, or
fast forward, like a movie I'm not the director of. Can't direct the fact that i was
grounded again, with no regrets. Because regret what? You
holding my hand while we're driving each other insane, but
insane in a good way, 'cause that
just means crazy. And we were crazy in love. Just two
kids thinking forever. But that along with your
lies and the day hours disappeared as
midnight came which made sneaking out hardly forbidden, a term that
never stopped us. It was nonexistent just like New Years, but
only to us four and at four in the morning I'm kissing you goodbye
perfectly for the last time, because this time has to be the last. Time won't
quit slipping away and now all we have are the pictures
ripped in pieces and up in flames all because of a
stupid fight that neither of us won of course. But when were we ever on course?
Thankfully never 'cause that would be boring and boring doesn't sound like
us. 'Cause us is defined by
various fights, inside jokes, and nights by your side just to
wake up being reminded it's four months in the future, labeling me with the title
x-girlfriend. And there are no more fights, inside jokes, and I'm not by your side. So can
you take all these back, they're no good to me and it's me losing
zzz's remembering to forget these unwanted memories.

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