The Lion and the Lamb

January 22, 2009
By Tara Brooks, Shoreline, WA

The Lion and the Lamb

I don’t feel like writing this right now
But what the heck
One time is as good as any other…. right?

Out side the colors are changing
Just like so many other things in the world
Do we really ever stay the same?
Even inside, every second we are learning

To focus on elegance and grace
Poise and posture
The time for being tough and the time for giving in
You recognize these things around you
The perfect length of the Toucan’s wings
And the way raindrops fall like they were umbrellas
Protecting against themselves

How the eagle soars
His heart will always be beating
The sky gives him his time to rise
And his time to fall

Everyday I compare one thing to another
Me to you?
One flower to the next
But take the time to think…
No two snowflakes have the shape
Nor two zebras the same pattern

The teacher will say
Compare and contrast
We are to observe the weaknesses
And the strengths of others

In ever bedtime story we hear
The morals and values repeated once again
Why will the lion fall for the lamb?
An answer we readily have
We do not know…
And that is why

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