January 22, 2009
By Zak Albrecht, Appleton, WI

Bursting out of the volcano, the lava splats onto the ground,
Making the shivering plants cry, never again to be found.

It picks its perfect target and begins its rage,
Like a fish swishing and splashing within its cage.

The lava slithers down past the road,
Incinerating the hopping, ribbiting toad.

Reaching its next destination,
The population

Running and screaming like a blizzards’ fury,
This bloodshot lava reaches the agitated town in a hurry.

The rocking racket of a door slamming shut,
Only to see the scampering, whimpering of a boy’s mutt.

The lava picks its new victim, a boy,
But the boy avoided it, and bounced in joy.

The beeping of cars screams across the sky,
When a suffering cat jumps in the fire and dies.

It started to rain, the water crashing into the ground,
The molten rock races rapidly, but had to turn around.

The rain saved the day and the people started to yell,
But the rain abruptly stopped, and the town burned to hell.

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youknow said...
on Mar. 30 2009 at 7:33 pm
Great poem man, keep up the good work

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