My Verb

January 22, 2009
By Breonna Boddie, Suitland, MD

i am

-becoming a woman

-not fearing my obstacles

-reading my books

-writing my tales of beauty

-taking photos of the memories

-dancing my blues away

-smiling along with my advetures

-remebering my dreams

-being prepared to see someone elses

-living a new life

-trying to be better for me

-leaving everything else behind

-holding on to love

-embracing a magical journey

-making things happen

-reaching higher limits

-having patience with my problems

-becoming something great

-having to deal with agony

-but laughing at every moment

-learning to care about everything

-crying great tears of joy

-missing him when hes not around

-still loving from a far

-telling them im sorry

-sharing stories that seem timeless

-grateful of what i cant provide

-hoping i can be the one for the one

-walking into someone elses life

-making things work

-finding my meaningful purpose

i am me

p.s. you'll love me

The author's comments:
I Love Books, They Are My Life, They Feed Me Knowledge. I Love Writing Its A Way To Express WHat You Are Thinking. I Love Photography Its Beautiful Memories. I Love Dance Its So Free

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