The Battered Broken Down Road

January 22, 2009
By Miamilee GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
Miamilee GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
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The sweet innocent snow falls on the battered broken down road
The road you been walking on for years
You try to rid the road of the snow with every heavy crunching step
but the snow keeps falling, not caring about how you feel about it
Layers and layers of soft newborn snow blankets the road
as you march on, trying to ignore it
Soon you become numb not because it’s cold, but because of the fact that you
are franticly trying to get rid of the snow
So you keep on marching with ignorance as the snow keeps falling
on your broken battered road that you been walking on for years,
not realizing that the snow has made a new road for you to walk on
All you have to do is put on snowshoes

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