My Life Sucks

January 22, 2009
By Anonymous

My life sucks.
It's not because I have chosen to lead
A life that is disappointing
Or futile in any way;
Nor is it because I was born neglected
Or impoverished
Or overly indulged.
It is because everyone in my life sucks.
Don't be dissuaded, for I love them all very much,
And I don't know where I would be
Without them;
They just don't understand that
Whenever they decide to be down,
They decide to bring me down with them.

My mom sucks
Because she works too hard.
She has a fulltime job,
She takes care of me,
And she takes care of the rest of the family.
She cooks,
She cleans,
And she pays the bills.
She's always worried about money.
This makes her moody and depressed.
She deals by taking it
All out on me,
As if I'm the one who started it.

My dad sucks
Because he's always depressed.
He's going through
A midlife crisis
And he thinks he's going
To die soon.
All he wants to do
Is travel,
Have a million pets,
And eat out every day.
He knows he can't,
So he just sits in his chair all day
And sleeps his worries away.

My boyfriend sucks
Because I don't think he loves me.
He constantly ignores me
And then gets mad at me
For being too needy.
All I want is some attention,
Yet he gives me none.
He doesn't seem to be happy when we
Talk on the phone,
Write each other e-mails,
And go out on dates.
He'd rather watch TV
Than look me in the eye.
I still love him,
But what's the point
If he doesn't love me back?
I still try.

My sister sucks
Because she's going through a divorce'
Or at least trying to.
One day she hates her husband,
The next,
She's deeply in love.
To be truthful,
She shouldn't even be married.
She's controlling,
And a downright bitch.
But she won't have any of that.
It's not her fault
She's the way she is,
Even if she is
The obvious suspect.

My other sister sucks
Because she doesn't know how to take care of herself.
She works around the clock,
And never even stops
To take a rest.
She hardly gets to see
Her husband
Because he works just as hard
As she does.
The sad thing is, though,
That she's dragging her baby
Through it too.
She always has a cold,
A stomach ache,
Or a sore ear.
And all because her mother
Won't slow down.

My grandma sucks
Because she's always sick.
Constantly, she complains of an ill.
And it's always a mystery
Because no one ever really knows
What it is that's hurting her.
She won't take her pills,
She won't follow doctor's orders;
She won't even move.
All she does is complain
And wait to die.

My uncle sucks
Because he's a drug addict.
He says he's not,
But we know he's lying.
His eyes are always bloodshot,
And the only thing he does
All day long
Is lay in bed and sleep.
Mary Jane,
He's done it all.
Now he just sticks to
Painkillers and booze.
And the next time we find him
Passed out on the floor,
He may not wake up again.

My dogs suck
Because they crap in the house.
We trained them
To go outside
To do their business
When they were puppies,
But apparently that was all for naught.
We never actually
See them do it,
But by the end of the day,
It's still there.
And they always go
In camouflaged places;
On the brown rug,
Behind a chair,
In a darkened hall.
But we always find it.
We'll either smell it
Or step in it,
But we always find it.

My friends suck
Because they never hang out with me.
I always ask
If they can do something,
And they always say
They'll have to see.
I don't blame them, though.
They have jobs,
Extracurricular activities,
Other friends.
They don't have much time for me.
They've got their own lives now.
Something which I lack.

So what do I have now
Since everyone else
Has left me
To worry about their own worries;
To dream about their own dreams?
I have my ambitions,
My school work,
And my computer.
But that's not enough.
I need people, too.
People who care about me.
People who are willing
To step away from their bubbled up lives
And take a look into mine.
I need people who will
Spend time with me
And who will laugh with me
And who won't complain.
But I can't have them,
And there's nothing I can do about it.

My life sucks.

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