Darks Dreams of Stephen King

January 22, 2009
By Christina Palmer, Elsberry, MO

With a father absent
Mother busy, and always working
No time for himself
His name . . . . King

The middle of a war
Terrified, jumpy
But with a creative mind
He looked to books for comfort

Pushed in school and in life
Not able to take it as a child
To solve his loneliness
He read a comic soon to make his own

Eleven years old now
Still an active mind
Fear is what keeps him alive
"The Lurking Fear"

He began to read anything he got his hands on
Books, newspapers, his mind grew
He loved horror
Then he began to write

He wrote stories and sold them at school
Happiness flooded him, until he was rejected
His talent noticed, his creativity swelling
He knew he could change the world

With the war still raging
With constant fear of being alone
Now nineteen and heavy parties
Which would turn into something bigger

Senior in college, in debt,
And wanting to join the army
Using "What If" as a basic in his stories
More and more recognizing his talent

Using bits from others, he starts forming one of his firsts
Now in love, King preoccupied
With new stories producing
He finally comes out with a book

With a good paying job and a wife
King not able to write
With more time now, he produced good stories and racked good money
1971, a good year, daughter born

Offered a teaching job, accepted
Less time again for writing
Another year passes and a son born
Money needed

With a story, not rejected, he officially starts his career
Writing 1500 words a day, Salem's Lot, born
With an alias name
Trouble starts

With publication of a fourth book his career heightens
With his influence high, bestseller he becomes
Changing rapidly, his books become movies
All so fast how can he deal

As he grew so did criticism
Becoming an alcoholic,
Unable to stop
Now tied up in drugs too, confronted

Writing twenty years if work he got along well
Money going into movies and other books
IT is born
King taken from his family

Despite hard work and all hours
Maximum Overdrive has come to power
With people bothering him
He barred them out with metal gates

The encounters of censorship growing
Result, some things anned
Having new worries, thinking he's unstoppable
He tries to right censorship

Welfare failing, homelessness rising
Fundraising, rock and roll
The love of the guitar known
The comment of America "It's fantastic"

With his causes and methods close to heart
His love of baseball, Red Xo
Donation of a million to stadium
Over 11.7 million for readers

Writing magic
Novels not as smooth
To get his mind moving
He ran

Disaster hits like a lightning bolt
Car, blood, ditch, help
He slips in and out of consciousness
News of a broken leg

Too much pain
Worried about addiction again
He went back to writing
Plotting downfall

The author's comments:
I am a senior in high school who write poems in her spare time. Stephen King is my all-time favorite writer.

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