Life too rough- sweetheart

January 22, 2009
By Amber Carnley, Lakeland, FL

Hate flows.
Pain grows.

Heart stops-
Tear drops.

Burst of life,
From enraged wife,

Finally enough,
For a life too rough,

Shouts are wild-
Scared crying child.

A gunshot cries,
The father dies.

Soon another,
He’s lost his mother.

The abandoned son,
Wanting to run.

Hides in the shed,
Still seeing red.

Foster homes will come,
He’ll see more than one.

No one knowing the lie,
But no longer will he cry.

The boy had had enough,
From a life so rough,

But no one will figure,
He’s the one who pulled the trigger…

The author's comments:
My parents arguing all the time has impacted my life since I was 10. It doesn't phase me anymore, but now I see how it hurts my little brother. Now, he'd never do anything like that I'm sure, but I'm sure he feels some rage in his veins like I used to.

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