January 22, 2009
I was on amission and I made a descision, but somehow fell into submission of love. I thought I was moving because the tires were rotating but mentally I was stuck in the mud. I had the key in the ignition but a fauly transmission kept me from going anywhere. So I had to go to the trunk of my life to find a spare and yet I found more than a spare sitting there. Doubtfully I had to stare: I took the time to analyze then I had to finalize, finally I realized that there was kinetic and potential energy. We were meant to be.
By and by we watched the sunrise and i tripped and fell and to my surprise i realized that all it seemed was a dream in a drem and one day I may wake up and see myself like i would in the mirror: a physical reflection in a different direction, searching through innocent eys for perfection.

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