To Say I'm sorry

January 22, 2009
By Chelsea MacArthur, Rockland, ME

Take a walk with me as you read
I'll go near a window, isolating myself from them to write you a poetry piece
I'm finally understanding how it feels to hurt inside, and then stare into a gray sky,
gifted with clouds that forever hide the sun.
I make a mistake, not caring until you know
Now my heart is filled with so much grief
I made a choice to hurt,
and as I am hurt, I hurt you
My companion, my similar twin
I understand you, for you are me
I have no excuse, my only thought
is of you teaching me how to ride my bike
You were by my side and brought pain to life for me. Help me through hard times like this you did.
Give up, you are
There is a consistent NEED to cry.
I'll hide hoping you won't let go
I am you!
Just like you, he is too.
Letting go of me, like you letting go of yourself.
Only you never did.
Now without you, I am alone.
Instant disaster.
Only a few days ago,
we were inseperable.
Stop breathing I will, to think you won't be here.
Teach me one more time to ride that bike.
Only a new situation.
You always held me up,
and put me right back on when I fell.
I'm falling down dad, I'm not ready
to grow up, to pick myself up...To make a decision to let go, I'm falling all over again, only without you.

The author's comments:
My name Is Chelsea Mac Arthur. I have written over two hundred poems, and to this one, I write for my dad. I made a mistake. One unforgiveable in his eyes, and I am truly sorry. Please forgive me dad, I'll always be your little girl

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