January 22, 2009
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I pull away from your grip
after another unreasonable tiff
I feel the stinging sensation in my throat
while you bask in sensibility
I bare the shame of violent overreaction
while mild geniality hangs on your tongue

I am the piercing, icy water
and you’re the comforting cold
how I struggle to let you go
yet how I struggle to hold

true, I might be the fickle one
while you’re the reasonable
translator of my incoherent blabbering
making me realise
that despite my better judgement
I want you

I wish to taste your soothing mouth
yet I am angered by your lips
I push away your peaceful hands
but I yearn for your fingertips

I am the violent goddess of chaos
whose waves rage unpredictably
I am calm one moment and a storm the next
while you are the sea on a day havoc-free
but what is the sea truly
without beautiful anarchy?

I am the one who is out of my mind
while you’re the one who’s in
you’re my lucky card, my dear,
the joker I’ll hold to win
and yes, I have a fiery soul
and of boundaries I know none
but all I need is a blue eyed calmer
to turn my face up to the sun

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Dacorsha S. said...
May 28, 2009 at 3:07 pm
OMG, I love this poem as well. I had to look up the word Tiamat but I truly understand. In your poem I think your showing how opposites attract and sometimes we need someone to be are other half.
Dacorsha S.
Karlo said...
Feb. 9, 2009 at 10:10 pm
Brilliantly done! I love the way everything flows, the contrasts, everything... It left me speechlees for a moment. It is great to see a young writer with such amazing talent! Keep it up and you'll definitely achive amazing goals!
Hope to see more of your work soon..
Yours Truely
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