Too bad it's True.

January 22, 2009
By Devin Goyette, S. Attleboro, MA

Crisp cool air surrounds us,
whisper of the past,
"this was the last thing I expected from you."

Looking straight at you,
it has no affect.
You're just leaving me
with another excuse full of regret.

Words will slice from your mouth, but
you have no idea what I’m talking about.
I pleaded with the devil
the scars aren't real.
I needed you to hear this.

a friendly hello?
the only sound;
a drum beating softly in the background.
Am I invisible? Transparent?

No, just a disappointment.
I apologize,
it was an accident, I swear.

Maybe you're just blind, but honestly,
its not like I try to hide from you.
today was supposed to be a celebration.
can you see my frustration?

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