January 22, 2009
By Kevin Dunn, Ivoryton, CT

The streets go by with a passing gaze,

Lights and colors flash by; I’m in a daze,

Cars and trees gently stroll past,

The endless road is all that seems to last,

My hand is gingerly placed on the wheel,

One with the car I suddenly feel,

I yawn and stretch my back in the seat,

My body is tired from my head to my feet,

My eyes have gone heavy, they suddenly drop,

I cruise by a sign that instructs me to stop,

This mundane driving seems like a droll,

I barely see the woman out for a stroll,

I swerve to the left, but there’s not enough time,

I hit the tree with an unpleasant chime,

I hear the shatter of the glass and the steel,

I am suddenly awake with the dread that I feel.

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