No Return Policy

January 21, 2009
By Sarah Trubshaw, Mequon, WI

We carefully drive our cars
And dust our crystal so it regains its original shine
We take care of the fragile things in our life
The things that although may be expensive, or beautiful, can be replaced
Yet how often are we so rough and violent with the most delicate thing of all
How often do we discard the fact that this truly may be the last day
That this could be the last time you see your parents, or friends
That this could be the last time you ever enjoy a sunset or a song on the radio
Life is more fragile than all the worlds possessions
Yet we treat our lives like a cell phone with never ending insurance
Disregarding the dents and drops, confident that it can always be replaced or fixed.
We break the hearts of friends and tear relationships at the seems and wait for who knows how long to repair them
The thread of life is prone to unravel
And what if your thread is snipped, While you still have tares and breaks throughout your unappreciated life
There is no turning back once you or someone else is gone.
You can not replace life.

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