Life of a Leaf

January 23, 2009
By Stacey Colby, Milton, NH

In my fears I am a leaf,
surrounded by family and friends,
Then stolen by the wind.

I sit bewildered and crushed,
Stepped on and forgotten,
and my life has become worthless.

My color turns brown,
A white shield covers my skin,
And I become warm, but trapped.
I used to be bright green and healthy,
Then red, vibrant and beautiful.
My root's were stong and trusting,
My family was there to guide me alnog,
And now things have changed.

I am alone...
I wish for a friend,
A path for guidence,
And a mind with no regrets.

The shield melts away my warmth,
The clammy filth that has become my skin, begins to dry,
And I feel weightless with no where to go.

My roots and past sink into the ground,
My body becomes a piece of life,
And I become a piece of life,
Forever forgotten,
With no importance.

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