January 23, 2009
By Bethany Nelson, Mashpee, MA

My heart cries out for you
My tears fall for you
My legs shake as i fall
My knees hit the ground

Why am i not good enough
Why dont you want me for me
Why do i lay here pondering all these thoughts

My love for you keeps growing
Knowing i will never be what you wished for

My dreams turn to nightmares
My hopes and wishes all become
my new fears

am i gone.

The author's comments:
there were many feelings i had that inspired me to right this piece. have you ever felt no good enough, for that one person u thought loved you? have you ever wished you were all that persons dreams or that you were that persons perfect love? i have and i was lied to to believe that i was all these thing.. turns out i wasnt loved by them.. i was told i wasnt good enough... i was told to be gone.. when your heart breaks all the feelings you feel need to be let out. so instead of kkeeping them inside i used my poetry to help me realize.. i am good enough... i am what i wanted to be.. they are the ones who werent good enough for ME.

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