January 22, 2009
By Miamilee GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
Miamilee GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
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One knockout away from death-road
The rainstorm pounding the sore body
Every step taken is one memory ridden
The mind’s thoughts drunken the soul

Barely in existence, pushing forward
being attack from everyone and everywhere
Insanely sane and clearly confused
Going about life not knowing what you know
guessing and re-guessing as more information is shoved

The truth lies somewhere you can feel it
All your life you lived a scarred life for it
You breathe the air without thought
which makes you think about thoughtless thoughts
It makes absolutely no sense and at the same time it’s perfectly clear
So you go on trying to find the truth in the midst of the lies
Playing detective with very little evidence
Trying to piece things together
Jamming them to fit if need be

The wind howls in your face,
laughing at your seemingly dead state of being
For it knows the answers to your questions
but it will not tell you for you will not listen to it

So you go on and on, not stopping
Searching and searching, being beaten down
by the world not noticing that they are just as confused as you
Not knowing what you already know

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