Why Teenagers Shouldn't Fall In Love

January 22, 2009
An individual being
With a mind of my own,
Occasionally Swayed
By the others in my presence,
While trying to be
Something I am not,
After complicating situations
Which I shouldn’t be involved in,
Having wanted so much
And doing nothing to get it,

With all my heart,
Which actually only pumps blood
To the various appendages of my body,
After being told
It is socially acceptable
Because everyone else is doing it,

My girlfriend of only two weeks,
Who I met in biology
Because I accidentally stepped on your foot,
And then gazed into you eyes,
Which are said to be the windows to your soul,
And immediately knew
That you were the one,
Even though I just thought that
About my last girlfriends
Who, even though they were prettier than you,
Had smaller breasts,
And since you’re different,
And almost like me,
I know we’ll live happily ever after
I break up with Jessica.

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