Stay in the Heat

January 22, 2009
By Amber Carnley, Lakeland, FL

Warmth amidst surrounding cold is the bodies’ best pacifier,
Like when the truth comes out of a stone-cold liar,

Sensation runs through your veins like coffee through a straw,
The ora of energy that surrounds you is the brightest you ever saw.

But the worst you could ever do, is be engulfed by the cold-
Because when you do, depression and numbness takes hold,

Your mind and body beg for a touch, a whisper, even a loving glance,
But another cold breeze of harsh words tells you there’s no chance.

Affection allows being a slave to be bearable,
But all the abuse leaves your heart tear able.

Over time, the cold transforms you into a ghost,
To everyone and everything you cared about most.

Sooner more than later, neither will you care,
The warmth dies, your heart cries, and you’re no longer there-

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