Oncoming Evil

January 22, 2009
By Conor McFarland, Vancouver, WA

With each optimistic dream that is destroyed
We find darkness inside.
Its malicious revenge we seek
And we’ve no evil left to hide.

My desolate moments in oblivion
Have filled me up with spite.
My morality is now lost
I’ve left it buried here tonight.

This apathetic world we hold so dear
We found was just a lie.
Our hopeless angst fuelled by this fear
Now has got us ready to die.

Marching armies, and a midnight horizon
Bear the plagues of our land.
While hope burns like gas on the sun
The malevolent make their stand.

Our golden ideals now face extinction,
Our age of god is through.
Good and bad have no distinction
And there is nothing we can do.

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