A Friend Named Fimble

January 28, 2009
By Sophie Gosselin BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
Sophie Gosselin BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
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Way up north where the icy winds blow
and the thick-coated creatures play around in the snow
is a cold little town all covered in ice
where the Grummels who live there are not very nice.

Upon each face of every Grummel in town
was permanently stuck a grumbling frown.
Every Grummel in Grummleyville was concerned with himself.
No child up there would share a toy from his shelf.

From the time they were little, they were taught not to care,
to think of themselves, and never to share.
So parents and children alike lived this way
with no friends at all to brighten their day.

For the Grummels didn't know how to act like a friend.
They'd been selfish and mean for generations on end.

One cold afternoon in Grummleyville Square
in walked a stranger named Fimble the Fair.
She'd traveled for miles from her home, Bimbleburg
where smiles are often and laughter is heard.

Fimble had come to see what she could do
'bout the rumors, back home, and if they were true.
She'd been told that their Grummleyville neighbors wore frowns,
were meaner than mean, and moped around town.

'All they need is a friend,' cried Fimble with faith,
'someone to love them, in spite of their ways.'
So there Fimble stood, armed with love in her heart
ready to help the Grummels make a new start.

But before this grand task, Fimble needed a snack
so she pulled a Bimblebug Bar from her heavy backpack.
When along came a Grummel, no older than three,
who sneered, 'You look weird, get away from me!'

Just then the small Grummel tripped at her feet
And started to cry, for he dropped his Grumtreat.
'There, there small Grummel. Please don't be sad.'
Then she handed her Bimblebug Bar to the lad.

'Go ahead and take it, it tastes good, you'll see.'
So he snatched up the snack and sniffed doubtfully.
A puzzled expression appeared suddenly
On the little boy's face, 'Why would you give this to me?'

'Why, that's what friends do,' Fimble said with a smile,
'caring and sharing never go out of style!
For having a friend is more precious than gold,
and BEING a friend is even better, I'm told.

I'd like to be your friend, would you like to be mine?'
The Grummel looked into her face, 'That'd be fine...
but what is this feeling of warmness inside?'
'Why it's kindness and friendship,' dear fimble replied.
'It's just what you need to be a good friend,
just look in your heart, it's a reward in the end.'

All of a sudden upon the boy's face,
a smile appeared in the frown's former place.

'I like this friend business, it sounds like great fun!'
Then he got an idea and started to run.

He marched up the steps of Grummleyville Hall
and shouted his loudest to be noticed by all.
'Villagers of Grummleyville, I'd like you to meet
my dear, new friend, Fimble, who gave me a treat.
She taught about love, and how sharing is swell.
I hope you all want to try this friend stuff as well!
We shouldn't keep up being selfish and mean
For having a friend is the best thing to be seen!'

By now, many villagers had gathered around
and were touched by his words, and the love he had found.
'We want this stuff too, please teach us how,
for we've gone without love for many years now.'
'I'll teach you of course, how to be a good friend,
the very first rule is selfishness must end.
For in order to have friends, you must be friendly, you see.
It must 'be about you, and not about me.''

'Why this sounds quite simple! I'll give it a try,'
a Grummel girl in the crowd began with a cry.
She looked to her neighbor, and gave him a hug,
then a smile appeared on the Grummel girl's mug.

'Why, I can't believe it! That was so fun!'
Then she hugged another Grummel and started to run
To tell all her neighbors and the Grummel Mayor too
She just had to teach about this friend stuff that was new.

So the word spread around, and on that very day
the Grummels all wanted to change their mean ways.
They stopped being selfish, and started to share,
they ended their cruelty, and began to show care.
And then the old Grummleyville Mayor did say
they'd honor this time by making a holiday.

And dear Fimble was famous for transforming this town
For now if you'd look, a frown would never be found!
They all learned to love and to be a good friend;
that's why this Grummel story will never ever end.

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