Just One Day

January 26, 2009
By Skyler Ferringer, Beaver, PA

Yesterday didn’t happen

This cruel tale is merely a figment of my imagination

This dreadfully hideous story
does have a happy ending

How I wish it were true!
For the many faint-hearted

I tell you, hide this terror

Where no one will find it

Where not even Edgar Allan Poe
Or his fantasized characters would dare look.
But if you wish to go mad

To cringe at the mere chirp of a bird or the tortured crow of a vulture...
Read on

For this will satisfy your senseless requests
I suddenly felt drowsy at the dance, in a terrible state of pain
Something had stabbed me
Each vein shuddered in beat with the music, Tamara and Marcy were dancing, no, fighting with strangers...
Then, I saw no one I saw blood,
lots of blood

It lay undisturbed against the walls, ceiling, and floor.

“My friends are dead,” I thought. And I knew it was true

But my dark thoughts were interrupted...A floorboard creaked
“Goodbye hun,” was all I heard. Many black winged creatures came at me guided by the voice that would’ve been soothing, Soothing anywhere but here

The creatures pecking was
Cautious, almost relaxing

Following orders, eating or sculpting?
I didn’t know why

I don’t even know now

Why I snapped my fingers at that moment, but I did, the birds hesitated, I ran, I smiled in triumph As I bolted towards the door

I could’ve been famous

I could’ve been poor

It didn’t matter,

I was happy
The villains who? My death why?
I couldn’t be sure, but they must be Destroyed.

I grabbed two large rocks to prepare. My fury blinded my pain, I could barely feel I passed knowledge of life or death.
I saw them pointing wildly at a map I was a random target, fury flamed Both rocks left my hands, one man dodged, one was hit. They looked around. “How can you not see me?” I yelled, stronger. No answer, I charged for them, but went through.
I then saw...
Myself, helpless, cold

The worlds of reality had cracked

I feed off fear

I live on pain

I am everything

I am nothing


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