When I Look At You

January 26, 2009
By Mercedes Proudfoot, Clinton, UT

When I look into your eyes,
my mind goes blank.
It's like your the only one
in the room with me.

When I see your smile,
I feel like fainting.
My world starts spinning,
and your all I can see.

When I hear your voice,
I can't help but babble.
I have forgotten all of my troubles,
you are my world.

For you are my love.
and that is forever.

The author's comments:
Well when I was in the seventh grade I met this boy, and well I thought that he might be the one. Later I found out that he liked me the same way I liked him. I got all nervous and I couldn't speak. I just babbled on and on about nothing. Then I realized that the reason he liked me was because I was more of a tom-boy and understood him more than other girls. So when i got all girly around him he stopped liking me and dumped me, but I had already wrote this. I never ended up giving this to him, but I'm glad it happened because it is part of who I am now. But this poem still means a lot to me and I thought I should share it with others.

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