Thursday Morning

January 25, 2009
By Ellis Darby, New York, NY

Desire is a funny thing
Tomorrow I will see him
Bright and early
Before the sun has woken
To shine her scintillating rays
Before us
I will sit straight
Ignored, uncomfortable
Staring at him
Turning the color of a thousand roses
Maybe even redder
Blood swims
And I cannot stop it
No control
No one can know my true feelings
They will stay underneath like my bubbling blood
And the fish in the sea
But I scream out in pain when he speaks to another
Jealousy has become my best friend
And there it will stay
Till he leaves forever
And now the tears will come, soft petals on my cheeks
It has been too long, the gushing of water cannot be stopped
All I know is that I love him

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