January 25, 2009
By Anonymous

A young girl plucks the petals of a daisy
Chanting he loves me, he loves me not
I smile at the innocence of youth
For what does she know of love?
Besides, that boy she pines for?
She won’t marry him
My thoughts turn to me
For what do I know of love?
No my problem is not does he love me
That does not matter, not yet
No that’s not it
I love him
I love him not
I love him
I love him not
Do I even know what love is?
He hasn’t kissed me yet,
So I can’t be in love
I’m still in high school
That’s far too young, right?
He makes me feel so happy though
So good about myself, so whole
Some would say that is what love means
But I wouldn’t know
That I’m even wondering this scares me
I’m not even sixteen
We’ve been together three months now
But never kissed only hugged
He never asked me to be his girlfriend
It just happened, and I’m glad
He gives the best compliments
Turned this friendless lonely girl
Into a self-confident happy one
I cannot thank him enough
What is love?
Is it when you like everything about a person?
Is it when they make you feel complete?
When the past three months are all that matters,
When you can’t, or won’t, remember life before them,
And savor the late night conversations?
Sometimes I scare myself,
Thinking about future children
A little girl, Jennifer Elizabeth
If he doesn’t object
I’m only 15! I cant think these things
Yet here I am, I’m scared
I love so many things about him
But I can’t be in love, no, I can’t.
Can I? Maybe I can. I don’t know
Humming to myself and smiling
I pluck a daisy from the ground

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on Feb. 3 2009 at 5:46 pm
i love the irony at the very end. i remember those days of innocence, if only to be that innocent once again. i like your work. it's very relateable, and interesting.

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