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January 21, 2009
By Philicia Sessions BRONZE, St.pete, Florida
Philicia Sessions BRONZE, St.pete, Florida
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If I could paint a picture I would use a lot of black.
A few splashes of color and some threads from a sack.
A perfect yellow orange to create the bright round sun
and a perfect looking, big, green, field so there would be a place to run.
I'd bring the ocean into this, I don't care where it appears.
I'd crush a few little, mirrors and have bad luck for years.
I'd want there to be no plastic, I really hate fake.
I'd even put a impression of my emotions of you and me at the lake.
I'd like to have me in the center like I'd picked my brain.
I'd love to be wearing a cute, white, dress while standing in the rain.
I'd want the leaves from the fall to be in piles on the ground.
so that we could jump into them mound after mound.
I'd put a perfect sunset to close our perfect day at the beach.
I would want a picture of you hugging me like a leech.
Sunburned and red but still a perfect 10.
I'm sorry for what happened but I can't lose you again.
you're staying in this painting and you can never leave.
I am not one to wear my heart on my sleeve...

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