January 21, 2009
By Kevin Empson, Deming, WA

If I had to live my life without you
The love for another would never be as true
My love for you is the most precious thing on earth
Like our first kiss or a first child’s birth
I want to do it all with you
I dream of having kids and saying I do
Ill be there for you whenever you should need me
To say I love you is just not a strong enough meaning
If there was a word stronger then love
That would be my feeling
If the road we walk looks to far
Our love will lead the way like the North Star
I cherish every single moment with you
every little word
Everything you do
you're more beautiful then the reddest rose
I can't sleep without dreaming of how I hope this goes
Imagine a life with out us together
I cant imagine us being less than forever
When people ask me to describe my love
One word is what I give them.
I think for a moment, even close my eyes,
And I see us, oh what a surprise
When I touch you I can feel the love that is to be
Your the air I breath
The reason I live
We are what they call destiny
I wouldn’t be able to live a life without you
Your my angel, my prayer, my dream come true

The author's comments:
My girlfriend and I are getting really close to our second year, and I wrote this to give to hear for Valentines Day last year, but was skeptical of how it would turn out so I took my time and finally added some finishing touches to it and will this year.

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on Feb. 2 2009 at 6:46 pm
How sweet! that is one of the most romantic poems i have ever heard! i bet your girlfriend absolutely loved this!

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