A Flower Out of Many

January 21, 2009
Have you not ever felt love at first sight?
Whenever she has a smile on her face,
Her dimples stretch and her eyes twinkle bright;
The way she walks with so much poise and grace.

Her beautiful hair flutters in the breeze.
She turns her head and gazes upon me,
And as I look into her eyes, I freeze;
We both realize it is meant to be.

Just to hold her hand gives me so much joy;
Apart, we miss ev’ry second gone by.
Her face is like a flower to this boy;
When I see her, I think I can fly high.

Love…it’s such a wonderful thing to feel,
I’m so grateful that all of this is real.

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bits said...
Feb. 4, 2009 at 9:06 pm
The writing felt indicative of someone that has experienced love. Enjoyed reading the poem.

Good job!
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