On Thin Ice

January 21, 2009
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A girl on thin ice

With her back to her bed room door
Sets out the old, yellow lights
grabs her pajamas off the floor

Yeah, everyone knows who she is
Weird, different... loser
Everyone thinks they know who she is
Read my lips; get closer

Well, looking into the deep,
glossy eyes of another
She looks through what you keep
watching. And you're ready to cut the jugular

A girl on thin ice

is about to get murdered by your words
She stands up and tells you off
You'd know, if you'd just take two steps backwards
You'd know, if you knew what she's thinking of.

Can't stand when her family fights
Listens to you hurt her friends
She breaths and sets out the old, yellow lights
Again, watches the night as her mind bends

She wakes up in the morning and she's okay.
She's happy, besides, she doesn't need your charity.

Because she's on thin ice.

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When the bunny hops... said...
Feb. 21, 2009 at 12:19 am
AMAZING!!! <-- seriosuly that's the only word i could think of to describe it. (im not as good with words) AMAZING!!!
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