Ice Burn

January 21, 2009
By Luis Cecilio, Galloway, OH

Had enough of the aloofness? Am I too laid back for you? Does my serenity make you uncomfortable? I am what you see, no actually, it's just one side of me. A protective layer. My careful and still composure. My intense eyes watching you. My lips sealed. My thoughs in another galaxy. Treating you cold, like ice. Never doubt, that as soon as i'm provoked. I burn, like fire. Destroy your negativity and abrassiveness towards me. I'm like a calm storm. Silent but deadly. Never doubt anybody, espicially somebody like me. I may not be physically strong. But i'll use anything to take you down. Just like anybody's nature, when i'm attacked. I protect myself. Don't think because I stay quite, never really have much to say. That it makes me a weak link. Stronger hearts, minds, and souls, make a stronger individual. Let my ice burn.

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