These are Things

January 21, 2009
By Michael Basana, Coventry, RI

I've seen fifty cowboys screaming through the sky
I have five different definitions of the word revolution
I spar with galactic steamboats spiffing through the cosmos
I've scarred a mountain range with fiery rhetoric.

I know a man who weeps every Tuesday
I've played a fiddle in a Nebraska saloon
I've stuck a flag on a polar icecap
I know a lady who still worships Triton

I've discovered empires without memories
I've rambled down tattered ribbons of dirt
I've met a blind man with a bread basket
I've swam through the intestines of time

I've never met a meteorologist who couldn't play poker
I've seen plagues ravish a green valley
I blame God most of the time, but occasionally I blame myself.
I've learned to never trust a painting of Christopher Columbus

I can't recall any riots I've started
I wander from cause to cause
I'm in the deception business
I have a special closet in my house devoted solely to masks

I've been to Mars, it's alot like North Dakota

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