The Devil's Touch

January 21, 2009
Your darkness is around me
Your pitchfork is in hand
You command me to sit down
I manage to stand
Your corrosive manner
Is eating at my soul
As I try to manage
To let everything go
Your sick thoughts, they entangle
Those who I love most
The parasite within you
Has found a grateful host
Still, I watch with envy
As you lure them to their grave
How easy you make it seem to be
For them to be your slave
One by one, their tortured souls
Are giving into you
But they'll find out for themselves
What's a lie and what is true
Your bait seems to work
As they caress the demon's hand
So will they sit down
Or will they manage to stand...

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audralane10 said...
Feb. 4, 2009 at 9:57 pm
You know that I absolutely LOVE it!!!! = D
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