January 21, 2009
By Meagan Farr PLATINUM, Honea Path, South Carolina
Meagan Farr PLATINUM, Honea Path, South Carolina
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Sat in front of the mirror
Didn't like my face
I hated the thing I saw
I felt out of place
So I reached under my bed and grabbed out some paint
To touch up the troubles that make me faint
I got the white to start somewhere new
And then the red to brighten it up too
I dotted some here and a little over there
Then grabbed out the colorful wig and placed it over my hair
I also got some black
I put it heavily around my eyes
and looked it the mirror some what surprised
Looking different and some what new
Then I put some around my mouth and made my lips red too.
I ran back into my room and shorted through all my clothes
And looked for some big shoes to cover up all my toes
I got this outfit too make me stand out
No one would recognize me
And I'd never again doubt
So I walked out side
Looking all bran new
I shall never again hide
And everyone will like me too
Have you guessed yet what I am?
I'm a clown
That's what is covering up this man

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