January 21, 2009
By Donyelle Vallee, Kent, CT

Can’t believe I’m back again
Knowing I shouldn’t be
Only here for a while
Doesn’t mean it’s all my fault

Testing the best that I can
Please don’t blame me
Regretting that mistake
Assure me it’s ok

Chorus 1:
Counting down the days
In so many ways
Till I can be with you
Only one thing I can do (oh oh)

Verse 1:
I did wrong trying to
Make it right with you
But I’m not singing the
Blue skies up above
Help me push and shove
The situation away
Can’t see you to day

Verse 2:
If you were me for a day
See how I look at the world (wow)
ADHD makes everything
So slow when I jump around

Verse 3:
I’m still me and you together
Real soon I promise
Just wanna see you today (not tomorrow)


Verse 4:
I thought I loved you
Took off my mask
You ran away
Guess I’m too good for you today

Chorus #2:
Wishing you’d be there for me
I’d be there for you
You’re the only guy
I thought you were the one
I’d spend the rest of my life with (yeah yeah)

Verse 5:
When everything went wrong
I asked myself if you were true
Doing everything I can
Thought you were a man
This entire time
But you aren’t a girl
Verse 6:
You tried to help I know
Didn’t meet me half way
You’re useless


*Fade Out*

The author's comments:
I love to write songs and I wrote this song after my ex-boyfriend refused to talk to me just because I moved a town away.

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