Wishing Cup

January 21, 2009
By Abby Togunde, Eaton Rapids, MI

When it seems as if we want to give up, we

take a drink out of our wishing cup. When we

feel like we want some time to ourselves to

sing, all of a sudden the telephone rings.

When we think that it all falls down,

suddenly it all builds back up, than you

certainly feel like taking a drink out

of your wishing cup. When we feel like all

our hard work is coming to an end, we should

not give up all those hours that we spend..

On helping others, encouraging them to

follow their dreams, but if we do not follow

our dreams, but if we do not follow our own

then that's weird advice it seems. So my

advice to you before I put this spoken word

to sleep,always have hope and do not be

ashamed when you are the first to weep.
Keep your head up always,and do not be ashamed if you suffer defeat.

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