January 21, 2009
By Devon Funny, Aurora, CO


We strutted into this

School not knowing a

Thing about one another.

We traveled year after

Year to push ourselves to learn
Something new about one another

Making our relationship

Stronger and, stronger.

We weren’t; always together

Through thick and thin,

But we still managed no

To kill each other.

Day after day you always

Had something to say but
That’s what makes you, you and

That person is pretty amazing.

So without you here I wouldn’t

Know what to do,

So please don’t take that


The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for one of my frineds when she told me when she was going to leave the school.I was devastated. So when I heard about that I started to write a poem that told what the main ideas what went happend as we became friends.
As I read this story to her she couldn't stop crying so I thought I would publish this piece on teenink to show what really happens though best friends relationships that no one wants ro end.

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