New Lifes, Old Lifes

January 20, 2009
New People are born into this world,
This world of hatred and Love,
They Go Through alot,
Deaths, Newborns, Pain, and more,
although everyone goes through this,
nobody really realizes,
realizes what is really happening,
Through deaths you gain a guardian,
Through newborns you can become a guardian,
through pain you can see What other people go through,
And then, after all that happens,
you go, you watch people go through all those things,
you help people get through those things,
and you teach people, how to live with those things, and everything happens for a reason.
You can then live a happy life, and a good life, once you realize all the best parts of life,
living, then dieing.

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Spency said...
Feb. 11, 2009 at 8:09 pm
This poem is cool, But i liked the other one by her better... You rock macy..
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