January 20, 2009
By Olivia Roberts, Raceland, KY

Waking up to a dark gray sky.
Wanting nothing more than to put it into the stereo.
Hearing it blaring,sufficating my troubles.
Loving this piece of art filling up my mind.
Without excuses it heals my soul.
Hearing them play this dark beautiful music they created.
Helps me forget my pain.

Without their music the light is dull and angry.
Hoping it never goes away,I look at the light.
The light starts to go dim.
I begin to cry as the song slows to a stop.
Silence is smothering me when it brings up my agony.
Two seconds later the light is calm and happy again.
Like me because another one of their songs starts.
Outside its dark and gloomy but in here its not.

She murmurs we're all a little insane.
Hearing her fingers tremble over the piano keys.
Looking out into the world,the cars passing by.
All I hear is them playing their masterpiece.
Glad they're sufficating my troubles again.
The beat in the music sounds like my heart.
The music and happiness is all I hear.

Love and calmness,putting their c.d in the stereo.
Sincerity fills up my room,makes it a home.
The music keeps me alive.
Sometimes I don't want to be.
So I go into my room and turn up the speakers.
Until the walls shatters into 50 thousand pieces.
I laugh,watching the pieces fall into the floor.
I'm home until the music stops.

For saving my life some many times.
Writing and playing their music sends love into my heart.
Just so I can give it back to them.
Fire and ice always a confusion in which I'll chose to die in.
Please never stop their music.
It keeps me alive.
So I thank them

Keeping me alive when I don't want to be.
Keeping me alive when I don't want to be.
Keeping me alive when I don't want to be.

The author's comments:
I don't quite know what to say about me.But for my poem, its for Evanescence.Their music helped me threw alot.

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