January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

i see you and you see me but not the part i dont want you to see. you only see what i let you see because if you saw the real me then you might not like me i dont want to take that chance. every day i come to school withasmile, awave , anod but on theinsude im falling to pieces and woring myself to death i tyr to blend in to be part of the background because if i stick out you might see the real me. you might think im weird for likingwhat i do you might not want to hang out with me if you found out i have never been asked out or kissed a boy, i was never invitedover anyones house untill last spring and that i care what every one thinks nobobys judgment passes over me i allways think the worst of everything if butim under this mask that hopefully youll never see through but, then again you see trough too much please some body help me i dont know how to change io want to but cant i need helpbutll never ask will someone help me escape from beneith this mask?

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