Scream So Quiet

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

The thoughts inside my head burn slow like the cigarette that enters my lungs,
I'm not sure I fully understand this rediculous life I live.
But will I ever?
Darkness fills this room-
this lively crowded room,
but why do I feel so alone?
How did i get to this point in my life?
the point where I feel like there is nothing left
Whats left to live for?
the answer I long to know...
Something inside this hollow body tells me I need to let go,
but why would I listen to a soul thats unknown?
A soul that was written off to this cold world three years ago.
Never will they know this pen to this crisp lined paper is all that is real about me,
and oh, I hide it so well
don't you wish you could tell?
Tell of this great honesty I am sharing with you now?
You will know when its just way to late.
I am one of them,
not by choice.
NO definitly not by choice.
this is just so sad,
Sad that this beautiful girl is so hideous.
But you don't know that,
or this much about me.
Untill its just way , way to late.

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