Tic...Toc...Seconds Go By........

January 20, 2009
By Devon Griffis, Orlando, FL

Tic toc,tic toc....
It's your last second,come on,
come on.
It's your last second,hurry soon she'll be gone.
Don't live your life in regret.
Chase after her and get it.
Don't take things in life for grantid.
Soon she'll leave you alone and abandoned.

Tic toc,Tic toc
You know that last second that just now passed?
Make a choice,'cuz you wont get that back.
You let something go and be free,
but then say to yourself,
"Hey,that belongs to me!"
Many people don't get a second chance.
Get her in your arms, It's dance.
If you let her go and try to flirt,
just remember.....There's some hearts getting hurt.

Tic toc,Tic toc
That second that you just let
fly by.....

Tic toc,Tic toc
Now.....Now she's saying

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my relationship problems that people around me were/are going through and it inspired me to write this poem. I hope that some kids/teens can relate and take something out of this.

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