Four Letter Lie

January 20, 2009
By Kimberly Do, Houston, TX

Those words you said to me
below the dark gorgeous sky
was supposed to feel like magic
but involved a four letter lie ;

Trying to believe it was real
I repeated those words back to you
that was the best worst moment
I just wish that four letter lie was true ;

I'm sick of hearing those words over and over
it worries me and makes me wonder
this four letter lie is worse than a surprise
it was like unexpected thunder ;

This is more than complicated and wrong
I wish I could change my unhappiness
its hard to know what's going on
this four letter lie is something I won't miss ;

I wanna tell you my simple, but deep thought
it's absolutely honest and completely real
I want you to tell me the truth and say I love you not
I just really want to know how you actually feel .

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem, after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me. I found out he only went out with me because he felt bad. I love writing poems, because they help me let out my emotions without having to say my exact feelings.

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