Changing Seasons

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

The falling leaves
The barren trees
Like those bare branches miss the summer sun
I am missing you
But something else is missing
A missing branch
But I don’t know how
I need more time

Winter brings time
Time to think, time to change
The start of a new year
The beginning of something fresh
But in all this time, all this thinking
It’s still you I’m missing

Spring comes
The start of a new relationship
And like the flowers grow and change
So do I
New people come into life
My thoughts of you dwindle away

Summer’s here and so is he
The new guy
He makes me laugh
He makes me smile
I finally feel like I’m over you
Until that one summer day
I see you at the pool
Sun glistening on your shoulders
You look and smile
And I know like the changing seasons
There is a part of you I will always miss

But I’ll move on
Move on to my next season
My next love
But in my heart you will forever be
Something missing

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