January 20, 2009
I'm breathing
Lungs suck in and heave out air
Pressing good things close then
Throwing farther the things after they touch
The edges of my sighs.

I leave them,
Leave them there to find their own way out
Of this jungle gym of bone and flesh
They find their way into my heart
And listen to it pound.

Why must I
Constantly cast these things out
Only to find them come back into me?
To hear them swallowing my blood
And feel them in my veins.

I don't want any part of this
Stop tugging at my beating heart
I wish that you would just crawl out
And walk through the open door

I hate the way that you press in
Leave marks along my soft insides
Like footprints trampling my flesh
Why must you come inside?

You are like a pathogen,
Airborne and glad to find your host,
Always trying to feel me up
And leave me here for dead.

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