a piece of me in poetry

January 20, 2009
Rescue me
Tell me how not to fall apart
And how to mend my broken heart
I trusted one and all
But I still ended in a fall
But in my heart they put a stake
That caused my to break
My flight took a sudden stop
As I felt my sudden drop
Thrown down by the best heart I’ve ever known
Who had her evil not yet shown
I was stupid I was weak
Cause of me they called a freak
I’ve been an unwanted spare
Who’d never talk who’d never dare
I let them push and hold me down
When they didn’t want me around
Instead of happy was sad
Instead of relieved I am mad
Their words haunt me to this day
My mind full of things I wished to say
The shadow stalks and follows me
It really hurts but none can see
Someone come and make it stop
Let I leave of make it drop
It hurts so much come and see
Someone come and rescue me

I look n the mirror and all I want to see
Is a better version of me
Someone strong who won’t run from a fight
Someone who can make you soar with flight
I want to look I want to see
Who I really want to be
I want to float in a lonely sea
And be anyone but me
With eyes and blue as sky
I look in the mirror and ask it why
I look around and all I see
Are people who are better than me
I look at people and my heart gives away
Because I want to look and be like they
Am I a loser if so tell me why
A question I yell at the sky
I want to soar I want to fly
I want the sky to tell me why
I can’t be who I want to be
And see who I want to see
Mirror show me for who I am and want to be
Who I want and wish to see
I look in the mirror at a sandy sea
Has there ever been someone as ugly as me

I hurt now and forward in time
In every word in every rhyme
Without you there is no sound
And without you there is no one around
There is a pain where my heart should be
There's nothing left for you to see
I feel dead while still alive
And I don’t think I can’t survive
Doesn't mater what we gave
Because I think I’m falling to my grave
Don’t want to go don’t want to fight
Because I am still alone tonight
My eyes are blank just like my soul
And my hear in a black hole
But I won’t stop
I will no let my spirit drop
Even if you are no longer mine
The sun will always shine
I will star over fresh and new
To prove it all to you
I will comeback I will soar to the skies
And like the phoenix I will rise
All I was that’s all I gave
But even then the love could not be saved
You left me all alone and hurt
Feeling even less than dirt
But now I can see that I was wrong
Because my heart was never truly gone
The pain is gone and so are you
Because your love was never true
Sky help find who I now seek
Who doesn't care if I am strong or if I’m weak
No mater who I am or who I see
Just love me for me

Wrong tonight
I sit here all alone
With no future with no home
The hurt is al around today
As I sit and hear what they all say
The pain feels like solid stones
Even if thy never break the bones
I sit now where evil stays
As very slowly pass the days
I said I was strong but I was wrong
I have no more will to fight
So let the dark take me tonight

Don’t forget
Don’t forget who now you see
Please don’t ever forget me
I know you might
I know it too
But I will never forget you
I have to go I’ll be back soon
In day or night or on full moon
I cannot stay
So I will have to leave today
Please never go never stay away
Because I want you with me today
I don’t know why I have to go
But I’ll be back just so you know
Please don’t forget that I’ll be back
Like a train on railroad track
So now you know and don’t forget
That who I am is who you see
And that the only one you love is me

Ever and ever
Alone I cannot always stand
Sometimes I need your helping hand
But you leave without a word today
Without a single word to say
I have tried as I have shown
But still I cannot be alone
I need someplace to call my own
Let me be inside your heart
Before I all together fall apart
We were made for each other
To be together
Forever and ever
Sometimes I wish I didn’t care
About what together we now share
Because when you stabbed me in the heart
I all together fell apart

You I know that I love you
You know that it’s true
But you also know
That I’m not good enough for you
I’m going to get so torn apart
Because my outside won’t show what's in my heart
The way I walk
The way I talk
Will never show who I want to be
Someone truly worthy of thee
I want to be happy I want to be true
I want to be trusted to truly love

The people stare
And I don’t care
I have lost the strength to fight
And the will to fly
I have no choice
I’ve lost my voice
I have no more strength to deal
With the many ways that I now feel
So I hold on to you today
As we soar and fly away

Why away
Why did you go away
Leaving me alone to stay
You were gone and I was scared
But now I see you hardly cared
That I gave all for you
And now my heart is broke in two
You are gone and I don’t know what to do
Or what to say
So now leave and stay away
Don’t know who you were or if you cared
About the relationship we shared
It is I don’t want to see
Because I miss who you used to be
So I now leave with reason to stay
So see you another day

Anything but me
People stare and people see
Who it is they don’t want to be
That one person is me
I stare at all those happy faces
All around in different places
All they want to be
And all they want to see
Is anything but me

Your mine
I know you know it too
That all I do I do for you
Our love will outlive time
All because your mine
You take me to another place
Beyond our very time and space
You know it’s true in every rhyme
You know its true because your mine
I don’t care who you used to date
Because for them it is too late
Let me point it out and lay it on the line
For them it’s over because your mine

Scared because I cared
Sometimes I really want to hide
But still be by your side
To tell the world our love I true
Or simply be right next to you
You tell me to listen to my heart
And with you I have the strength to start
With you I don’t have to show
What I am and what I know
I can’t live without not even a week
Because without I feel like a freak
Without you I don’t have a heart
And I think I might just fall apart
I was stupid I was scared
And it was all because I cared
With you I love who I am
To them I just don’t give a damn
Let the know and let them see
That I love you and you me

Cold as fire is how I feel
What is fake what is real
You make me want to run away
And yet I find the strength to stay
You broke my heart I know that’s true
But somehow I still love you
So let us talk some other day
Because I have nothing left to say
My mind is clear and not on fire
And for you I have no desire

Let go
Let me go let me see
Things around and hear the sounds
I want to be happy and free
So I can hear so I can see
I have to go I cannot stay
Because here I cannot find my way
To be reborn in another time another place
Beyond our very time and space
So come on and let me go
So I can see so I can show
That this is not were I should be
So I can look so I can see
If I am meant to be alone
Or should I leave and find a home of my own

Start over
I wish I could start over
With each and every rhyme
I wish I could start over
And meet me back in time
When I was young when I was small
Before I came to be this tall
I miss who I used to be
I’ve made it clear as you can see
So take me back to when I was happy

The most painful poem
I watched my parents yell
As tears streamed down my face
I wished to be in a different place
I can’t go or even walk
And all I do is hear them talk
Not a word I have no say
And I can’t even walk away
I am called useless and feel less than dirt
And in my heart I feel the hurt
I can do nothing or so they say
As I feel mainly like giving away
I didn’t talk I just stood still
And now I don’t even have a will
How many times has trust been thrown back in my face
The times could fill an endless space
The pain is there in my soul
And my heart is a black hole
Someone come take me away
But please don’t make me stay
I have tried to be strong knowing it’s too late
My heart is filled with anger and hate
I don’t want to argue I don’t want to fight
But my parents tore my heart tonight
Their words like a shark eat me alive
Into an abyss I would take a dive
At school my life is living hell
And I wonder if things will ever get well
I have hope and no one can take that away
So I sleep and in my heart is hope today

Another day
To when I was happy is where I want to be
Now I’m not so happy as you can clearly see
I wanted to be happy I wanted to fly
Now I think I might just die
You have gone and now I’m really sad
You never cared about what we had
Not another word is what I have to say
So goodbye and see you another day

Tell me
Tell me what you have to say
I cannot wait another day
I want to be honest something true
And I want it all to come from you
Let me know that what you say is not a lie
If it is I think I’ll die
I know one truth I know it well
That they can all just go to hell
Tell me what you have to say
Cause I can’t wait another day
So tell me if your love is true
My truth is that I love you

Who you are
What do you want me to do
My life revolves around you
What do you want me to say
So that you will love me today
I know I blew it
You know it too
So give me a chance to be with you
All I want is to know my star
And see who you really are
Tell me who you are today
In any form in any way
All I want is to stare above
And know who it is I love
I just got hurt
And you did too
But after all I still love you

I want to wear a mask
So no one know so no ask
Why I do the things I do
When I do them all for you
A super hero is who I want to be
So when I fly they stare at me
I want a little glamour and maybe some fame
A child here a damsel there to me it’s all the same
But what I want most is that they like what they see
When they look above and they see me

I don’t know
I don’t know why I love her
She’s pretty much the same
She has blond hair and a not so special name
With her I don’t give a damn
I don’t know why wither I’m loved for who I am

Lost love
Love oh love I summon thee
Love oh love return to me
Return comeback and tell me why
If you don’t I just might die
I miss you so you know I do
I miss saying that I love you
My heart and yours are searching to find
The love the hope the peace of mind

Heart on ground
I searched I saw and now I see
What it truly is you mean to me
I didn’t see beyond your charm
To see that it was me you’d harm
You hurt me in the most brutal way
Thanks to you my heart will on the ground now lay

Gone my love does suck
I let my true love get away
Without a single word to say
She crossed the road that fateful day
I looked I saw and I yelled hey
I must admit that it did suck
When she got run over by a truck

Returning for love
I have returned to take your love
But I am welcomed with a shove
I asked forgiveness for you pain
But you have left me in the rain
So now I stand in front of you
I watched as you smiled and my heart floats with hope
You smiled because you know my love is true
I laughed and yelled that I love you

Take away
I closed my eyes and I see you
I yelled and screamed that my love is true
I see and stare at the sky above
Thinking we’ll find our way back into love
I looked at you without a sound
As you threw I love straight to the ground
I try to see beyond the pain as you leave me in the rain
But my heart won’t let you go
So I think that you should know
That you tore me apart
So take from me my broken heart

I can only hope that when you look at me
You stare and look and that you see
Who it is I want to be
Because I feel like I need to be found
Like a lost ball just rolling around
The world isn’t spinning
And I aint living
I look at you and I see the light
So take me so we can jump to flight
To laugh and dream and sleep tonight

Love what you see
I want to go to jump and scream
So I can go and chase my dream
I wish to lose my broke heart
I want to take a brand new start
To be in the skies for all to see
To bless them all so they love me

The right way
Revenge will be so very sweet
As I watch them burn in the heat
I don’t want them to feel the pain
But just like me to go insane
They will bow before my might
Unable to put up a fight
If they want to mess with me
There's a price that they must pay
They have to treat me the right way
I don’t care what they say
Because my revenge will come today

I want it all
I want what I don’t have the lights and the fame
To walk down the street with people calling my name
Autographs and pictures it’s all the same to me
Going to the mall and store all people rushing to see
I want to be noticed I want to be seen
I don’t want to bully I don’t want to be mean
I want to help people chase after their dream
To watch people soar with flight
And be more than just a pretty sight
I want to go searching for love
And if my love could be seen you’d see it soaring above

Flight and fight
Shut I’m going to come with a blast
Stronger and better forgetting the past
I’ll comeback and I’ll be soaring with flight
Sharp as a dagger ready to fight
So don’t even think of messing with me
Because sooner or later you will see
No longer a loser shy and meek
Stronger than ever and no longer weak
If you look for a fight come searching and see
That you should be careful of me

With you
I was thinking of you
Listening to our song
You think that I love you
But guess what your wrong
I tide you up so very tight
So why am I lonely tonight
You blew kisses my way
Without a word to say I turned my back for just one time
Then turned to see what I might find
It must have been fate maybe a sign
I watched as you ceased to be mine
You are a liar you that it’s true
I’m better of lonely
Than a moron with you

Hoping to find
It’s hard for me to see
What the hell is my destiny
Will I end up on the ground
Or rich with a jet just flying around
Love you know that I want you
Something real something true
Looking for you it’s hard to see
Who the heck is right for me
I know I can’t stay here and sit
But I just cannot take a hit
So until true is what I’ve found
I refuse to sit around
There might be pain struggles and sorrow
But I leave today welcoming a bright tomorrow

My light tonight
I’ve got nothing left to say
No more reason for me to stay
What on earth should I do heart tell me it’s up to you
I stand in the rain tonight
Searching for a little light
Should I go or should I stay
Someone please show me the way
I see nothing and stare above
As I pray for someone to love
I look at a star tonight
And she will be my light tonight

Be you with me
Tell me baby what it is you are
And angel a fairy or maybe a star
Angel looking at me tonight
Or maybe a wonderfully pretty sight
I love how you always make a stand
And are not afraid to make a stand
Without you I feel locked up tight
But with you I feel free tonight
I love you as you can see
So be the way you are and stay with me

Heart return to me
When I first looked at you I was hypnotized
Your eyes were blue just like the skies
I came tonight to take you back
I only hope you won’t attack
I broke your heart
And I tore us apart
Heart to heart please see
Let you and your heart return to me

What you want
You know what you want and you want it tonight
You don’t want a battle you don’t want to fight
You don’t want to fight me come over and see
We know what you want and that person is me
Every body wants to know me
Everybody wants to hold me
Come over and see
You look like a model the type on TV
They can all tell they can all see
That the person you love that person is me

Come and see
Baby I hope you see
What your betrayal has made of me
Now I stand with nothing to say
I saw you laugh and walk away
As I begged for you to stay
But now I live ready to fight
Because your betrayal showed me the light
I stayed alone in the dark
With no magic with no spark
But now the sun shines on my day
Because I don’t care what you have to say
You left my heart without a sound
Thinking you could bring me down
So now you come and now you see
What it is you made of me

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lu said...
Feb. 13, 2009 at 7:56 pm
Juan, I totally feel you brother. It is not your fault! Your writing is incredibly revealing and honest. Study hard and have fun learning:) It can be the freedom to life.
mckenzie said...
Feb. 2, 2009 at 1:19 am
this is a beautiful poem. it's amazing how long it is, yet it doesn't get old. awesome.
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