An Adaptation

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

You speak my name,
shivers roll down my spine.
You say goodbye,
My heart screams,
"Why aren't you mine."
I lie awake every night,
in utter frustration.
Because each time I say a word to you,
it's through careful examination.
Every move I make,
is in definite hesitation.
I debate back and forth,
between a confrontation
or waiting in anticipation.
For what, I don't know,
maybe for your decision on,
"Should I stay or go."
As your friend or lover,
I'll be by your side.
I'll be your crying shoulder,
in which you can confide.
An adaptation, I am willing to make.
Despite every smile, that I must fake.
I become a new person that
fills my mind and body,
by pushing old thoughts behind
And making my real self
the hardest thing to find.

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