Eternal Unity

January 16, 2009
By Taylor Eudy, St. Peters, MO

The crisp air was almost too much for my lungs alone. It was as if my spirit and soul breathed in the refreshing autumn breeze as well, cleansing myself of the humanistic greed that we often expect from natures open arms. Thick and pure, the freshness is almost demanding. I quickly abide by letting my knees slowly give out to bring me to the forever loyal earth below.
The sun has now fallen to mid-horizon. It has done this ever so gracefully by staining the otherwise pure skies to a violent crimson spectrum. I know now that it is giving its authority of the skies one last show before the cloak of night takes it reign.
And just like that, one by one, tiny stars pierce their way through the immense darkness that in now coming to be. Soon, the diamond encrusted atmosphere takes on a hypnotic effect. I let myself fall once again, this time, into a place that only a peaceful state of mind like this will allow.
I cherish every second, feeling my heart beat in the harmonious rhythm of the twinkling stars. The soft breeze passes over and fills me once again, whispering comforting words of eternal unity. The lullaby is more than enough for me to embrace the warmth of a calm and undisturbed rest.

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