Another New Year

January 16, 2009
By Melody Chimahusky, Tupelo, MS

The years come and the years go,
But the world keeps going around.
The plants, the animals, the earth, the sky --
None of which care about the new year
Except for us -- humans.
So why bother?
A year is just a measured length of time.
It has no purpose
Other than to give us a way
To keep track of past occurrences.
We should instead not concern ourselves
With the constantly elapsing time
But rather to focus on
Loving one another and celebrating life
With what time we are given.

And why should one bother
Making a New Year’s resolution?
If one wishes to change
Poor habits for the better,
Then why wait until the next year?
It would be better to begin immediately
Than to procrastinate for several months.
Time is of the essence,
And it should not be wasted
For we know not how much time we have left.

Our culture has molded New Year’s
Into a jovial holiday to be celebrated noisily
With friends and family
Even though it is just the beginning
Of a new year,
A new day.
Most everyone will resolve
To do something different this New Year’s.
Like most every American,
I celebrated New Year’s with fireworks and junk food
While surrounded by friends.
And I too will make, and break,
Another New Year’s resolution
This year.

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